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(Wearable / Case Study - 2019)

Product Development, Product Design, Prototyping, Visualization & Animation, Designed together with Christopher Carlo Schwarz. 
Photography, Renders and Visuals © Tobias Lugmeier & Christopher C. Schwarz

   Addressing the unique needs of goalkeepers in their training regimen, coaching company GOALPLAY asked us to design a device that completes their coaching app service, and helps to empower the athletes to better analyze their performance.
    Goalkeepers, who operate in a realm where split-second decisions define success, require more than visual analysis to elevate their performance.

   Recognizing this need, GOALPLAY's digital system goes beyond traditional methods, precisely tracking every motion and reaction. 
  To meet the demands of this specialized field, 
we undertook a detailed design process, focusing on ergonomics, usability, and adaptability.

   The result is a compact wearable sensor with a shock-absorbent, part-reduced and waterproof design. The haptic interface, which makes use of the flexible properties of the material to interact with the device, is designed for easy interaction even while wearing sturdy gloves. 
    Few light-signals communicate the status of the device, allowing for quick feedback and clear status confirmation.