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Public space gets redesigned. It is in change, caused by a new, urban awareness. Reason enough to ask unusual questions and to search for new solutions, or: shouldn’t ‘public’ furniture be in the hands of the ‘public’? // Stationary public furniture is often misplaced and it’s lack of flexibility won’t allow to fully adapt to human behavior. Instead of planning stationary whereabouts for the citizens, it should be let to them to create their own, dynamic locations. // Wandermöbel are portable, accessable, multifunctional seatings which are not bound to certain places. They get placed by the public and wander thorugh public space, to be exactly where they are needed.

Made out of rotational moulded plastic or foamed PU, this piece of furniture is small enough to be carried around short distances, yet bulky enough to offer a variety of available surfaces for sitting and resting. Inspired by suitcases which are – in some occasions – being converted to temporary sitting opportunities, the main volume is a cube which offers different sitting surfaces as well as shelf space. The round, toy-like shape adapted to the manufacturing process as well as the idea of inviting people to use and carry the seat around. It appears to be blown up, lightweight and sturdy. The bumpers which float around every single edge of the volume are feet, edge- and surface protection as well as handles at the same time. They symbolize the dynamic, interaction and functionality of the object as well as the main target place: outdoor.