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This Timepiece is one of three critical objects. 
They are meant to be tools, physical objects that will help us to get aware of how we work and not be distracted or opressed by things we cannot change.
Obviously they are not functional in the classical sense of functionalism, they are not meant to be. They are meant to be subtle little helpers, things that accompany us in an unobtrusive yet distinct way. By using them they transfer a special mindset, an idea of what modern work is doing to us. With humorous interactions the objects depict different psychological issues that determine the way we work.
That is why this timepiece is frequently closed. Only by opening it with by force it reveals the clocktime. Consulting the watch became an unconcious habit – by making it more difficult, more inconvenient we immediatly start thinking and become more aware of how often we are checking the clocktime and how it is ruling our minds.
Maybe this timepiece understood how to deal with its task.