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A Barcamp is an ‘Un – Conference’, a coming together of people who want to pass on their knowledge and desire to gain knowledge. People from various fields of industry, business and science meet without a predetermined sequence. The default is just a topic .

As part of the munich creative business week 2014, we organized munichs first design related barcamp at the university of applied sciences in munich, giving only one word to gather people: ‘Process’.

By saying process, we did not only seek for design-process; no matter if you are a baker, a cook or fixing bikes for a living – everything is based on process. These interdisciplinary, varying experiences of processes are what we are looking for. We think that by transferring this knowledge from other fields, the learning effects can be even stronger.

Due to a lot of interest and a high amount of spontaneous and prepared presentations,  rich and intense conversations lead to an overwhelming interdisciplinary discourse through the most unexpected fields of crafts, arts and science.


>Today’s design and art objects convey the appearance of an effortless development process. The final artifact does not longer show how it was made. But it is precisely this creative processes that has a special interest to us.<<


Special Credits and Thanks to Benedikt Kaul, Thomas Lischke, Lorenz Noelle, Manuel Steffan, Timo Weil, Maximilian Denzel, Devran Mama, Felix Flemmer, Daria Malek and of course Prof. Matthias Edler – Golla.

All Photos ©Nicolai Schneider


Further information at      www.barcamp-munich.de