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The Baby,phone is a unique piece, meant to fit an old, modified iPhone 4 inside. Through a specially programmed software, microphone and camera of the smartphone can be used to keep an eye on the baby. The phone therefore determined the voluminous shape, giving the object it’s playful, toy-like appearance. Because the camera is static, the baby,phone’s view had to be adjustable, that is why it is able to rotate in two axes, being constructed like a gyroscope. The phone is being pushed into the cnc – milled main body, placing the camera right underneath one of the milled wholes, hiding it from being seen. This pattern though symbolizes a playful audio-video interface, being the face and the ears of the baby,phone. The milled aluminum – base is functioning as a stand as well as a clamp, allowing the object to be fixed to almost everything, no matter if shelf, bed-frame or table.